About Us

Eco-harmonious, gender-sensitive all-round sustainable development is the long-term goal embraced by FREED. Towards this FREED undertakes programs of forming and strengthening people’s organizations, promotion of employment and income generation and nature conservation.
FREED is a broad-based People’s Organization (PO), the bulk of its General Body being constituted by the 60,000 strong membership women’s SHGs.
FREED’s vision concerns the creation of socio-environmental conditions necessary for all-round sustainable development. FREED proposes to strive towards the realization of its vision by empowering local communities through education, mobilization, capacity building etc. of the participating people.

The core objectives of FREED include:
  • To facilitate the emergence of people’s organizations and institutions, such as SHGs, JLGs, Federations, Producer Companies.
  • To capacitate and empower the people to collectively seek and apply eco-friendly, gender-sensitive and lasting solutions to the chronic development problems faced by them.
  • To facilitate people’s initiatives at conserving natural resources and engage in productive occupations of farming and micro- enterprises.
  • To empower the local communities to withstand the grave pressures brought on by climate change and cope with its formidable challenges.
  • To help local communities to counter the natural resource depletion trend and protect the fragile eco-system from collapse.
  • To capacitate the local communities to preserve and value their eco-friendly traditions, lifestyles and practices.